2023 Fall Baseball Majors (Co-Ed)

Ages 11 - 12 (Based on the 2024 Baseball Age Chart)
DOB 9/1/2011 - 8/31/2013

Any 11 yr old who plans to be evaluated for Majors in the Spring should register for this division.
11 yr olds who wish to play AAA in the spring should register for AAA.

ALL 12 yr olds will be placed in this division.

The goal of the Majors division in Simsbury Little League is for the players to apply those fundamentals learned at the lower levels into more advanced game situations. Players continue to fine tune the stages of strategy (i.e. bunting and stealing) while continuing to learn the skills specific to each position. In the Majors division, managers begin to place players in those positions that allow them the best opportunity to grow and succeed.


Saturday Game : 6:30pm
Wednesday Game: 6pm
Friday Game: 6pm
Practice: Sunday Practice (times vary)

SLL provides jerseys and hats. All players should have baseball pants and a belt, a glove, cleats and water bottle.

These games are umpired by trained youth umpires.

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