Umpire Program


The SLL Umpire program is composed of both youth and adult umpires.  Umpires must be baseball age 12 during the spring season of the current year to be eligible to become an umpire.  The fall season is umpired by the spring season eligible umpires.  No new umpires are used for the fall season.

Umpire Registration:
Registration for the 2023 season is CLOSED.

Umpire Quiz
All new and returning umpires in 12th grade and below are required to pass the online quiz.  You need to get at least an 80% grade to pass and can retake it as necessary.

Umpire Clinics 
Returning grade school umpires are required to attend one refresher clinic.
First year and second year umpires are required to attend the District 6 Umpire training.

Availability Submission
Every two weeks umpires provide their availability for upcoming games for the divisions they are eligible to umpire.  Each umpire is generally assigned 1-3 games every 2 weeks depending on the size of the umpire pool and number of games.  Every two weeks the links will become available for umpires to provide their availability.

Umpire Schedules
The schedules for all umpire assignments will be posted on the website in advance.

Training – Classroom & Field (Spring season only)
Rookies:  Rookie umpires receive training at the beginning of the spring season through participation in an umpire clinic for Simsbury Little League umpires.  They will also receive on-field training before the season starts.  Rookie umpires begin the first year umpiring AA games as both plate and base umpires.

Returning Umpires:  Returning umpires must attend a classroom clinic each year.

Contact Information:
Chuck Minor and Tom Vincent are the umpires-in-chief and can be reached by email: [email protected]

All umpires age 16 and older are required to complete an online background check. Please email Julie Trythall ([email protected]) for the link.

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