2024 Spring Baseball AA (Co-Ed)
2024 Baseball Age Chart

Age 8
  • Birth Year = Sep - Dec 2015 & Jan - Aug 2016
  • Farm AA: All players who are age 8 will be placed in AA. 

Age 9
  • Birth Year = Sep - Dec 2014 & Jan - Aug 2015
  • AA: The majority of 9-year olds will play AA. 9 yr olds who wish to play AA should not attend evaluations.
  • AAA: 9 yr olds with AA experience are eligible to be drafted in AAA. To be eligible to play in AAA, a 9-year old must attend AAA evaluations. Any 9 yr old who does not attend evaluations or is not selected for the AAA draft will be placed in AA.

More traditional rules are used at this level and kid pitching is introduced. Score is not kept, keeping the focus away from winning or losing the game. 

AA has a Friday evening game, Saturday afternoon game, Sunday practice and 1 weeknight practice/batting cage. Schedules are published once the teams are created. All schedules are subject to change.

SLL provides jerseys and hats. All players should have baseball pants, a glove, cleats and water bottle.

These games are generally umpired by first-year youth umpires.

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