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Baseball Minors AAA
(Baseball Age 9-11)
Baseball Ages
This Division is designed for players who are "baseball age" 9-11.  
Use the baseball age chart to determine a player's age.  The chart can be found on our documents tab.  
  • 10 year olds will be placed in AAA if they do not attend Majors evaluations or are not selected for the Majors draft.
  • 11 year olds will be placed in AAA if they do not attend Majors evaluations or are not selected for the Majors draft.
  • Remaining spots, if any, will be filled by 9-year-olds based on ability. 9 yr olds must attend evaluations to be considered for the AAA draft.

AAA games will be Tuesday evening, Thursday evening, and Saturday afternoon. Practices will be Sunday and 1 weeknight.
The goal of the AAA division in Simsbury Little League is for the players to begin to apply those fundamentals learned at the lower levels into more advanced game situations.  Here, players are introduced to the initial stages of strategy (i.e. bunting and stealing) while learning the skills specific to each position.  At this level there is also much more expected out of the pitcher and catcher.
The open substitution policy is also still in effect at AAA, perpetuating the ideal that, over the course of the season, each player has an opportunity to play each position in the field and bat in each spot in the batting order. As the season continues, however, most managers begin to place the players in those positions that allow them the best opportunity to grow and succeed. The AAA season concludes with a playoff tournament and Williamsport all-star tournament, featuring two teams of all-stars (National, American) selected by the AAA coaches.   
This is the first level of baseball with a draft. Players are chosen by the managers in a player draft.  All 9-year olds not chosen in the draft will automatically play AA.

SLL Local Rules

  1. Player pitch only;  No coach pitch.
  2. Offensively, a continuous batting order allows all players to bat each inning or until three outs are recorded (SLL Local Rule 5.2).
  3. Defensively, 9 players will play in the field.
  4. Bunting and stealing are allowed (SLL Local Rules 10.1 & 10.4).  A player may not steal home until after scheduled game #10, or at the Division Director’s discretion. 
  5. No leading is allowed.
  6. The infield fly rule is in effect (SLL Local Rule 10.3).
  7. No player may pitch over 50 pitches (SLL Local Rule 9.5).  Exception:  If a pitcher reaches the limit while facing a batter, the pitcher may continue until the batter reaches base, the batter is out, or the 3rd out is made to complete the half inning.     
  8. Maximum of 5 runs per inning.  This limit will be lifted in the 6th inning (SLL Local Rule 7.7).
  9. The game duration is 6 innings unless extended because of a tie score.  
  10. There is no time limit on AAA games (exceptions:  weeknight game may not begin an inning after 9:15 PM; Friday and Saturday night games may not begin an inning after 10:00 PM) (SLL Local Rule 7.5).

These games are umpired by trained youth or adult umpires.
Volunteers Needed
If you are interested in becoming a Manager, Assistant Coach, or Parent Administrator for your child’s team, please indicate your desire to do so when you register online.  All volunteers are required to fill out a volunteer application which is located on the “volunteer” tab on the SLL
If you have any questions regarding the Minors AAA  Division, please contact the division director - contact information can be found on the board contacts page.