Providing Little League Baseball & Softball to the Youth of Simsbury since 1951

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Baseball Farm AA
(Baseball Ages 8-9)

Baseball Age
Baseball Farm AA is designed for boys and girls who are "baseball age" 8-9 and and have played one year of Farm A ball.  Use the baseball age chart to determine a player's age.  The chart can be found on our documents tab.  
  • All 8 year olds will be placed in AA.
  • The majority of 9-year olds will play AA.  A small number of players age 9 who attend evaluations and who are drafted based on ability will advance to AAA.

Use the baseball age chart to determine a player's age.  The chart can be found on our documents tab.  
AA has a Friday PM game, Saturday PM game, Sunday practice and 1 weeknight practice/batting cage
.  Schedules are published once the teams are created. All schedules are subject to change.

More traditional rules are used at this level and kid pitching is introduced.  Score is not kept keeping the focus away from winning or losing the game. 

SLL Local Rules

  1. Pitching Rules (SLL Local Rule 10.10):  Machine pitch to provide the correct trajectory for the batter. AA transitions from coach pitch to player pitch according to the following guidelines:
    1. Game #1:  Machine pitch all 6 innings. 
    2. Game #2:  Machine pitch innings 1-5; Player pitch inning 6. 
    3. Games #3-4:  Machine pitch innings 1-5; Player pitch inning 6. 
    4. Games #5-6:  Machine pitch innings 1-4; Player pitch innings 5-6. 
    5. Games #7+:  Machine pitch 3 innings; Player pitch innings 4-6


  1. 4/5 Walk Rule (SLL Local Rule 10.10): A pitcher is allowed 4 "walks" per inning.  Once a batter has received four balls, he or she is afforded the opportunity to put a ball in play off a tee, which allows the defense to make plays. Once a pitcher has "walked" 4 batters a coach will come in and finish the inning.  The umpire will continue to call balls and strikes with the coach pitching although there are no walks or hit by pitch allowed under coach pitch.
  2. Pitcher Rule: Pitchers are bound by our daily and weekly pitch counts, as well as days of rest.
  3. Offensively, a continuous batting order is used (SLL Local Rule 10.10).
  4. Defensively, 10 players will play in the field with 6 players positioned in the infield.  Positions will change each inning, giving each player an opportunity to experience each position (SLL Local Rule 10.5 & 10.10).
  5. Bunting is not permitted (SLL Local Rule 10.4)
  6. An adult defensive coach should backup catcher to speed up play.
  7. One base on an overthrow (SLL Local Rule 10.10). 
  8. A scorebook should be kept for pitch count purposes (Rule 10.10).
  9. Stealing is not allowed until the final weekend of play (SLL Local Rule 10.10).
  10. Each inning will be limited to 5 runs per team (SLL Local Rule 7.7).
  11. The game duration is 6 innings with a 2-hour time limit (SLL Local Rule 7.3). 

These games are generally umpired by first-year youth umpires.

Volunteers Needed
If you are interested in becoming a Manager, Assistant Coach, or Parent Administrator for your child’s team, please indicate your desire to do so when you register online.  All volunteers are required to fill out a volunteer application which is located on the “volunteer” tab on the SLL website.
If you have any questions regarding the Farm AA  Division, please contact the division director - contact information can be found on the board contacts page.