Providing Little League Baseball & Softball to the Youth of Simsbury since 1951

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60 Years of Youth Baseball & Softball in the Town of Simsbury                    

May, 2011

Brief History of Simsbury Little League
Simsbury Little League began in the Spring of 1951 with one small infield, a few patches of grass in the outfield, a man made snow fence that ran from the right field foul line to the left field foul line, four teams, and a few hard working coaches and players. Today, thanks to the countless volunteers and families in Simsbury, we are here celebrating the 60th anniversary of youth baseball and softball in the Town of Simsbury.

Soon after that first season, the league began to quickly grow.  In 1955, the league bought the land, which is now called Memorial Field, from the town of Simsbury, for $1.00 and began to build Field #1 and Field #2.  In 1967 when Simsbury's population exceeded 15,000, the league was required by National Little League regulations to split into two separate charters.  That year, Field #3 and Field #4 were constructed.

As the years went on, four more fields were built, lights were added and we began a very successful softball program.  Today, Simsbury Little League ranks as one of the largest Little League's in the country.  The league has seven fields, six with lights, 725 players, 63 Teams, 6 different divisions, and over 200 volunteer Managers & Coaches.

Thank you to all 642 Simsbury Little League families that have joined us this year to celebrate our league’s major milestone.
Michael A. Sinacori
Simsbury Little League