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Simsbury Little League

Spring registration is open!


New this year: Early bird registration discount (Jan 2-31)! Click on Register Online on the left for details. 


Baseball Game Time Changes - Saturdays

This year, the Simsbury Little League Board of Directors has changed the game times for Saturdays in the Spring. 


The new game schedule is as follows:


9:30 - 10:45  Farm A 

11:15 - 12:30 T-ball

1:00 - 3:00  Farm AA

3:30 - 5:30  Farm AAA

6:00 - 8:00  Majors 


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Reminder: Baseball/Softball Registration Open: Early Bird Rate

SLL Community:

Registration for Spring baseball is open!!!


To register, click HERE or use the "Register Online" button on the left side of the SLL website. 


Baseball registration is open to boys and girls ages 5 through 12. 



                                                                                                  T-Ball & Farm A:    Jan. 2 - Mar. 1  $120

                                                                                                     Farm AA:    Jan. 2 - Jan. 31  $150

                           Feb. 1 - Mar. 1  $175

                                                                                           AAA & Majors:    Jan. 2 - Jan. 31  $150

                          Feb. 1 - Feb. 20  $175



                                                                                           T-Ball & Farm A:    Jan. 2 - Mar. 1  $100

                                                                                               Farm AA:    Jan. 2 - Jan. 31  $100

                                                                                                                   Feb. 1 - Mar. 1  $120

                                                                                      AAA, Juniors & Majors:   Jan. 2 - Jan. 31  $100

    Feb. 1 - Feb. 20  $120


To determine what "Little League Age" your child is, please use this age chart:  Baseball Age Chart.  To view information about our baseball divisions, click on the tabs at the top of the SLL website.  There are detailed descriptions about our various divisions.  If you are unsure where your child should be placed please contact our registrar (

Player evaluations for baseball (ages 9-12) will be held date/time TBD.  9-year-olds who would like to be considered for AAA,10-year-olds who are eligible to be evaluated to play in Majors and would like to be considered for Majors, and 11-year-olds who would like to be considered for the Majors must attend the evaluation.  9-year-olds that want to play in AA, 10-year-olds and 11-years-olds that want to play in AAA, and 12-year-olds should not attend the evaluations.  A schedule for evaluations will be released.  Players must be registered to be considered for the AAA and Majors drafts.  Please register early to ensure a spot for your player. The registration deadline for AAA and Majors is February 20, but January 31 for the discount rate. For T-ball and Farm A, the registration deadline is March 1.



Softball registration is open to girls age 4-13.  To determine what "Little League Age" your child is, please use this age chart: Softball Age Chart.  To view information about our softball divisions, click on the Fastpitch Softball tab at the top of the SLL website. Evaluations for softball will be held date/time TBD. If you are unsure where your child should be placed please contact our Softball VP (


Register Online

To register, click HERE or use the "Register Online" button on the left side of the SLL website.  Payment must be made at the time of registration.  Unpaid registrations will be immediately deleted from the system.  Payments may be made using either Visa or Mastercard.  No checks or cash will be accepted.


SLL Board of Directors

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Spring Season - Dates to Remember


Spring Season 2020

New this year: Early Bird Discount! (January 2 - 31)


Registration Dates & Fees


                                                                                                  T-Ball & Farm A:    Jan. 2 - Mar. 1  $120

                                                                                                              Farm AA:    Jan. 2 - Jan. 31  $150

                                            Feb. 1 - Mar. 1  $175

                                                                                                     AAA & Majors:    Jan. 2 - Jan. 31  $150

                                               Feb. 1 - Feb. 20  $175



                                                                                                  T-Ball & Farm A:    Jan. 2 - Mar. 1  $100

                                                                                                              Farm AA:    Jan. 2 - Jan. 31  $100

                                            Feb. 1 - Mar. 1  $120

                                                                                      AAA, Juniors & Majors:   Jan. 2 - Jan. 31  $100

                                               Feb. 1 - Feb. 20  $120


Baseball – Coaches Clinics



Baseball Evaluations

(Players age 9 and above only)

Monday, February 24 (5:30-8:30 pm)

More details will be posted soon. Players do not need to be available for the entire session.

There is no Make-Up Date, so if you want to be evaluated to play up, you must make this date.

Please register for the division for which you will be trying out.


Softball Evaluations

Monday, February 24 (5:30-8:30 pm)

There is no Make-Up Date, so if you want to be evaluated to play up, you must make this date.

Please register for the division for which you will be trying out.


D6 Umpire Clinic

Rookies Required / Encouraged all Other Levels




Umpire Clinic – All Returning Umpires

All umpires must attend one of these classroom clinics. 

  • Session #1  
  • Session #2 

@Freemason’s Hall


** Registration Closing Dates **


                                                                                                  T-Ball & Farm A:     Mar. 1

                                                                                                              Farm AA:    Jan. 31  Early bird discount ends

                                            Mar. 1   Hard close

                                                                                                     AAA & Majors:    Jan. 31   Early bird discount ends

                                           Feb. 20  Hard close



                                                                                                  T-Ball & Farm A:    Mar. 1

                                                                                                              Farm AA:   Jan. 31  Early bird discount ends

                                      Mar. 1  Hard close

                                                                                      AAA, Juniors & Majors:   Jan. 31  Early bird discount ends

                                         Feb. 20  Hard close



Baseball Majors:  Thursday, March 12

Baseball Minors AAA:  Friday, March 13

Softball:  TBD


Baseball & Softball - Managers Meeting

All managers are required to attend!



Volunteer Applications

(Applications can be found on the SLL website under the Volunteer tab)


Spring Field Clean-Up



Practice Starts

TBD (Town of Simsbury will give us the date)


Opening Day

Baseball:  TBD

Softball:  TBD


Moto Photo Team Picture Day



Memorial Day Parade

Simsbury Little League teams will march in the parade.  More details to follow.


End of Season

Baseball:  TBD

Softball:  TBD 

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SLL Sponsorship Program - 2018

Outfield Sign Banner Sponsorship Program
Simsbury Little League is now accepting applications
for our 2018 banner program!!

Thank you for your sponsorship of Simsbury Little League. As a sponsor you are continuing the great tradition that is Simsbury Little League. Simsbury Little League has been teaching Simsbury youth the joy of little league baseball for over 61 years. The league is dependent on registration fees and donations from local businesses to continue to maintain, develop and care for the Little League program and complex. Introduced in 2004, the banner-advertising program provides an opportunity for local businesses to show their support for Simsbury Little League. The money raised with the banner-advertising program goes to improvements made to the fields used by SLL.
A banner sponsorship includes the following:
  • A 2x8 foot hard backed banner sign, using sponsor's logo, will be hung on the outfield fences of Memorial Park.
  • A rotating web banner located at the top of the home page for SLL’s website (  The banner will include a link to sponsor's website when available. Our webpage is where all Little League families go to register and to keep informed about upcoming dates.  With over 600 families in our league we have quite a lot of website traffic recorded throughout the year!
The cost for the Banner Program is $500.
To purchase a Sponsorship please click HERE.  Payment can be made via credit card or by sending a check to the address below:

Simsbury Little League Sponsorship Program
PO Box 233, Simsbury CT 06070
Checks should be made out to:  Simsbury Little League

For information regarding the banner program, contact , our Sponsorship Director.

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SLL - Communication Options
Text and/or Email Reminders - Games & Practices
Did you know that you can receive email and/or text message reminders about upcoming games and practices for your child?  It is easy to sign up for these reminders by simply clicking on the "EDIT MY ACCOUNT" tab on the left menu.  Once you are logged in, click on your name and check the boxes for GAMES and PRACTICES to receive reminders.

If at any time, you decide you don't want these reminders just go back in and uncheck those boxes.

If you would like text message reminders, select your cell phone provider next to your cell phone number.

Click here to read full instructions on how to change your preferences.

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Tommy Tanski Memorial Scholarships

Tommy Tanski
Tommy Tanski Memorial Scholarships

Each year Simsbury Little League offers four $1500 scholarships to current High School seniors.  These scholarships are offered to seniors who participated in either the baseball or softball Little League program here in Simsbury.  The scholarships are given in memory of Tommy Tanski, who was a Simsbury High School junior, and a former Little League player, but passed away in a car accident in 2011.  

Tommy Tanski played Little League from 1999-2005 and during that time played for two district All Star Teams. He also played for the Strikers soccer team and played soccer in High School.  Tommy was a tremendous teammate and understood that his contribution was more about the team than any one individual.  

For many, the time playing Simsbury Little League baseball or softball is something to be cherished for years to come.  It is when friendships are formed, character is built and memories are made. During the registration process, please consider donating towards this scholarship fund and helping SLL continue to provide them in memory of Tommy Tanski.

To make a direct donation to this fund, please click HERE.

SLL Board of Directors

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SLL & Youth Umpires

Simsbury Little League

Youth Umpires

Simsbury Little League's baseball and softball games are generally umpired by youth umpires.  We wanted to take this opportunity to explain to all our families the expectations we have regarding interactions with umpires. Regardless of the umpire’s age the SLL policy is that all judgment calls stand and managers, coaches and spectators are not to argue or attempt to influence these calls.  This includes any sort of gestures or sounds of disagreement.  Simply put, please support letting the umpires umpire.

All umpires will make mistakes regardless of their skill level and experience.  With 80+ umpires in the program it is an on-going task to keep up with training needs.  Please remember that our youth umpires are trying their best and are generally out there without anyone cheering them on in the stands or giving them those words of encouragement when mistakes are made.  They too are developing their game and we as a league have adopted a zero-tolerance policy to make sure there is an appropriate atmosphere for everyone involved in games at Memorial Fields.

In 2012, our League President at the time, Tom Benneche, wrote a letter to the SLL Community entitled "They Are All Our Kids!".  Below is a link to this letter as it embodies SLL's expectations regarding youth umpires.  

They Are All Our Kids! 
(May 15, 2012)


Below is a summary of our expectations and policies regarding our umpires:

The only adult who may approach a youth umpire with a question is the manager of the team.

No assistant coaches may have a discussion with a youth umpire during the game.

No one should “coach” the umpire during the game or give them “friendly tips”.  This includes coaches and/or spectators.

Assistant coaches and managers may not guide or influence judgment calls.  

Coaches and spectators should not yell out “strike” or “ball” before the umpire even has a chance to make their call.  Please let the umpires call the game without any assistance.

Thank-you in advance for adhering to our policies and remembering that

the youth Umpires Are Our Kids!





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Attorney Ritson's Home Run Rpt
Click HERE to submit a Home Run (submissions will only be accepted from managers or coaches)
Thanks Attorney Ritson for your support of Simsbury Little League!!
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